Lithophane Box Info

If you are interested in ordering a lithophane light box, there are many options that you can choose!

There are listings for 3 different types of wood. I have chosen these for their varying degree of color and grain pattern, but if you would like a different wood, please let me know and I can try to accomodate you!

What I will need from you are:

Your image (as high quality as possible. Some cell phone photos are ok, but I will run a check on it before I proceed).

Your words/phrase!  Please try to keep this short and sweet. The more words you include, the harder it will be to read on the finished box.

Your choice of 3D engraved image on the box. Below are some examples of what you can choose, but again, if you have another idea, let me know. I try to make sure you are fully getting what you want!


If you have any questions before you place your order, please let me know!

If you have already ordered, please send me an email to start your order!


Thank you!